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Team-Building Athlone

We've teamed up with local partners to offer team-bonding activities that promote trust and communication to establish the dynamics necessary for a professional relationship to flourish. Take a look and help your team get to know each other while having fun!

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a man and a woman standing in a park

Digital Treasure Hunt with Dynamic Events at Yew Point at Hodson Bay

Using interactive technology, teams race to locate GPS activated hotspots to unlock fun team challenges to earn points for their team. Teams must strategise, communicate and collaborate to climb the leaderboard in a race against time.

Elevate Entertainment Athlone

Encourage a bit of healthy competition at Elevate Athlone.
From Axe Throwing and Go-Karting to Virtual Reality and Laser Tag, the fun activities will energise your team.

a screenshot of a video game
a screen shot of a video game


You can film, script and act in your own full scale commercial production. This collaborative event calls on participants to form effective teams, communicate, collaborate, and generate ideas as a unit. It is an opportunity to become the actor/actress they’ve always wanted to be!

Code Breaking

Teams are given a selection of locked boxes and props, and then they must communicate, manage, problem-solve and collaborate to crack the codes in time. Each solution will lead to another puzzle until all are solved, ensuring a franticly energetic atmosphere with an epic finale.

a book on a table
a person sitting at a desk with a computer on a table

Whiz Quiz

An interactive team-building activity that will entertain and amuse your guests and provides an informal way to encourage guests to network.

Big Picture

In this creative team-building event, guests will work together to paint their own section of a large masterpiece.

a group of people looking at a phone