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Find Your Cultural Heritage

From 8.00

Dún na Sí (pronounced Doon na Shee) translates from Irish as “the fort of the fairies”. It is named after the local folklore that some lone hawthorn bushes (often known as fairy bushes) once marked the presence of a ‘fairy fort’ which previously existed in our Park. Our Heritage Park commemorates the traditions and activities of rural Ireland throughout time, and our Amenity Park provides a beautiful space which celebrates biodiversity and provides a special environment for activity and appreciation of nature.

From 13.00

Coal was mined in the Arigna Valley from the 1700s through to 1990, when the mines were closed. With massive community and Government support, the Derreenavoggy Mine reopened as a visitor attraction in 2003. Since then, close to 400,000 people have enjoyed the Arigna Mining Experience, making this community-inspired initiative one of the most popular local attractions in Roscommon.